Practice Areas

Public Procurement and Administrative Law

We support our clients by administrative litigations, tenders, administrative licences and public anticorruption regulations.

We offer the best possible solution, whether the client is a multinational, a national, a SME, a government-owned company, or a local public authority.

  • Our approach is based on obtaining a global view of each situation.
  • As well as analysing the specific legal issues for each case, we assess the litigation risk; when appropriate, we also look at public compliance profiles and financial aspects.
  • We have specific expertise and experience in many sectors, including public-private partnerships, innovation partnerships and environmental regulations.
  • We provide support throughout the entire value chain: from first contact with the public authorities, particularly at the planning stage, and feasibility and pre-feasibility studies, to bidding for and launching public tenders, performance of contracts awarded and, as necessary, disputes.