Practice Areas

International Business Transactions and Contracts

Commercial work is our core practice. We service a range of local and international clients in various sectors and advise on a broad spectrum of corporate and commercial work.

We provide and proactively support our clients to draft and prepare commercial contracts according to their sector specific needs. While preparing the contracts for the clients, we take into attention the commercial relations, sectoral regulations, the customs in the industry.

Pertaining with the commercial contracts we always construct the texts and strategy in a multidisciplinary and interconnected way between the different regulations and relations. Apart from drafting and preparing the texts we built the whole system for the companies with training the related staff and departments for the contract and establish the contract management system with the team members and executives of the clients.

We provide the best advice on every kind of commercial contracts, from complex cases outside of normal commercial experience to ordinary operations, such as revising existing contracts, drafting and reviewing general sales and purchase conditions for goods and services.

We cooperate in-house counsel and the people who handle contractual relations: purchasing departments, sales departments, site managers, etc.

Our sights go beyond national borders, thanks to our network of law firms we can advise on drafting contracts governed by foreign national laws.

Whether you’re a large company, a multinational or an sme looking to develop or restructure your business, we’ll assist you with clear, accurate solutions.

We have experience in sectors, from the industrial, construction, manufacturing, automotive, chemicals,  property, information technology, and communications to the more strictly regulated, such as banking, insurance, transport, energy and healthcare.